Admission Policy

Admission Policy


Before commencing their study students have to complete registration formalities that in-clude:
• Filling registration form (s).
• Paying college registration and tuition fees and registration fees to the awarding body for your course. Please refer to our fees list.
• Receiving College Information Pack (ID card, time table, letters etc.)
• We prefer all our students to come to the College for an interview before registering.


You have to enrol with LCMT and register with the respective awarding body if there is one for your chosen course of study. Forms are provided by the Administration Office and at the Reception Desk. Please fill in your registration form and return it for signing. Regis-tration forms are accepted only if accompanied by the required Registration fees. Failure to submit your registration form in time will mean that you will not be able to register for exams and obtain a qualification.


There are two types of fees you will be asked to pay – registration/exam fees and college registration and tuition fees. The registration fees and exam fees are required by the awarding bodies and cover the expenses for running the different qualifications. The amount of fees is decided by the awarding bodies. Different awarding bodies have differ-ent fees and regulations. Some of them require all fees to be paid through the tuition pro-vider, the College; others prefer to communicate with the candidate directly. Please contact Reception who will provide you with all the information you need about your chosen awarding body. The tuition fee is paid to LCMT for quality teaching, well equipped study environment and student support. Paying your fee on time will enable you to study without any interruption. There is also a college registration fee to cover the college’s administration costs.

The college registration and the tuition fees have to be paid in advance at the beginning of the term. If you face any difficulty to comply you should meet and discuss the matter as soon as possible with the Administration Office. Exceptionally, the student can be allowed to pay the fee in instalments and s/he will be asked to make payments by direct debit. Failure to pay your fees on time may result in exclusion from the course or late payment fees.


i) By cheque/Money Order (in Sterling) payable to London College of marketing and Technology(LCMT). Please note that dishonoured cheques will result in a charge of £30 to cover bank and admin-istration charges.

ii) By card payment or cash at the college’s premises.

iii) By bank transfer to _ _ _ _ _ _